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A longterm friendship


Our story basically is a long long friendship that turned into a never-ending adventure and even a professional relationship as partners at EPIC. We are three friends - Miro, Elena and Violeta (the core team of the agency), who met at The Sofia University, in the Faculty of Journalism & Mass Communication back in 2004.

Ever since we create together and are happy to recently collaborate with other enthusiastic marketing professionals. We work with Art Directors, Designers, Developers, PR Specialists and other creative people to form a full circle service for the local and international pool of clients.

vili 2.png

Violeta Keremidchieva

Violeta is fluent in mysticism but also speaks verry well (and some times shouts) the language of the green couse for our clients Greenpeace and Client Earth. She’s a co-founder and partner of our agency.

el 2.png

Elena Doncheva

Maybe the most keen event organiser in our team. Otherwise she is a social media strategist & designer. Constantly working on becoming immortal. Co-founder and partner of Epic Sofia.

miro 2.png

Miroslav Kartalski

Miro has a lot of years background in the PR world, but in the last few years he is more dedicated to design and video shooting and editing things. A dog person, co-founder and partner of Epic Sofia.

mad 2.png

Madlen Nacheva

A visual editor and an infographic designer in Bulgaria’s leading economy & politics media Capital Madlen also works in a wide range of graphic design fields such as branding and web design.

per 2.png

Peruna Keremidchieva

Girl power! Peruna is a skilful developer and is currently situated in Hamburg where she is taking her programming on a next level.

We are pretty happy to be able to work with her.


Dimitar Klaturov

Mitko is our backend & software solutions hero. Recently he is going deeper into AI.




Sophia is the youngest member of our team. We can’t just give her a job title, because like every Virgo she has a lot of interests and has the talent to become real good at any of them. We rely on her from social media support to photography.

mish 2.png


Simply Misha. This is the most mysterious person in the team. We can’t even say what are her responsibilities at the agency. But you know, everyone should have at least one Batman in the team.



She’s the cheerleader of the team. And even though she misses two of her teeth, she doesn’t miss a great intellect.